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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.5.5-1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-04-09

warning Warning:
Starting with GravityZone version 6.5.5-1, port 443 will be used for downloading updates from Bitdefender Update Servers. Make sure that port 443 is open on the corporate firewall and allows traffic to Bitdefender Update Servers ( and so that your security solution can receive updates in the future.

New Features

Integration with NSX-T

  • Agentless security with antimalware capability for your NSX-T Data Center 2.4, through the Guest Introspection service platform. Follow these guidelines to learn how to integrate GravityZone with NSX-T.

Integration with Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA)

  • You can now integrate GravityZone with NTSA and smoothly navigate to NTSA console by a single click in GravityZone Control Center.


Full Disk Encryption

  • Encryption on macOS is now performed by FileVault for the boot drive and by the diskutil command-line utility for the non-boot drive.
  • GravityZone takes ownership for macOS boot drives encrypted with FileVault.

Sandbox Analyzer

  • You can now submit password-protected archives from the Manual Submission page.

Security for Virtualized Environments

  • Effortless host maintenance with the new behavior of Security Server Multi-Platform, configurable in the security policy. When maintenance starts, Security Server is automatically shut down or migrated to another host, depending on the affinity rules. Migration is possible even on hosts with another Security Server in place.

Report Builder

  • The Report Builder roles Database and Processors are delivered with the GravityZone appliance.


  • The malware status reported by endpoints is now more accurately calculated and displayed in GravityZone reports and portlets:
    • The Still Infected status has been changed to Unresolved.
    • Removed the reporting interval options containing "last" ("last week" or "last 2 months") from scheduled reports.
    note Note:
    This change affects all existing scheduled reports. You may need to edit your scheduled reports and select another reporting interval option.

Security for Mobile

  • Added support for push notifications through the Firebase Cloud Management (FCM) service on Android.

Deprecated Features

  • The Malware Activity report has become deprecated. For now, you can continue to use this report as before. At the same time, Bitdefender plans to improve the reporting of malware information in a future GravityZone update.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed a rare out-of-sync Control Center issue that occurred in certain GravityZone environments with Replica Set. Control Center was resynchronized after restarting the Communication Server services.
  • Some security issues and minor bug fixes regarding GravityZone Control Center functionalities.
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