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GravityZone 6.3.3-8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017.11.28

New Features and Improvements

Patch Management

  • GravityZone introduces a new module, Patch Management, which allows you to distribute OS and third-party software patches over the network. Patch Management not only that offers centralized patches distribution, but also optimizes network traffic generated by patches by using caching servers.
    The module brings several new options:
    • Configuring patch caching servers via installation packages and reconfigure tasks.
    • Sending patch scan tasks to discover the endpoints with missing patches.
    • Sending patch installation tasks to endpoints.
    • Automatic patch scanning and installation.
    • New filtering and policy options, patch management reports and notifications.
    • Patch Management is available with an add-on license key.

Network browsing improvements

  • The Network page now preserves the filters between GravityZone sessions.
  • The last accessed location in Network Inventory is now saved while browsing through GravityZone Control Center.

Security Improvements

  • Enhanced the security of the GravityZone virtual appliance.

Resolved Issues

Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Resolved the error [2] No such file or directory, occurred when the admin tried to change the number of concurrent deployments.
  • Resolved a problem with policy inheritance, which could not be forced to apply on VMs in vCenter Inventory from the Computers and Virtual Machines view.  
  • Policy templates no longer disappear from the drop-down list in the Policy Assignment window when Backspace is pressed repeatedly to clear the field.
  • Resolved the error Undefined!, which was triggered when importing Web Access exclusions.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing finished tasks from being deleted.

Mobile Protection

  • Added the MDM certificates, which in certain GravityZone installations were missing from the Configuration > Certificates page. 
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