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GravityZone (Cloud-Based) Release Notes for December 2017 Update

New Features and Improvements

Amazon EC2 Integration security enhancements

  • Bitdefender brings an important security enhancement to Amazon EC2 integration, by replacing the AWS integration method based on AWS key pairs* with the cross-account access based on IAM roles.
  • Another major improvement refers to the possibility of subscribing to Bitdefender Security for AWS directly from AWS Marketplace, with consolidated billing operated by AWS. This feature is supported for new GravityZone Cloud customers or existing customers who want to try Bitdefender Security for AWS.
  • You can learn more about the new Amazon EC2 integration features from the new Amazon EC2 Integration Guide, available in GravityZone from Help & Support page.
  • Moreover, new Knowledge Base articles with detailed information on Amazon EC2 integration and subscription are available on Bitdefender website:

* We recommend to re-configure your AWS integration by Cross-Accounts access at your earliest convenience, as the Amazon EC2 integration based on AWS key pairs will expire in 6 months from this release.

Network browsing improvements

  • The Network page now preserves the filters between GravityZone sessions.
  • The last accessed location in Network Inventory is now saved while browsing through GravityZone Control Center.

Company management

  • Added new options to suspend /re-activate a partner company recursively with all its managed companies.
  • Added support for Event Push Service statistics.
  • Added support for managing the availability of Encryption and Exchange security features for companies.

New API methods

New API methods are available for the newly added features:

  • configureAmazonEC2IntegrationUsingCrossAccountRole: configures the Amazon EC2 integration for a company, using the provided Amazon Resource Name of a valid AWS Cross-Account Role.
  • generateAmazonEC2ExternalIdForCrossAccountRole: This method generates the External ID required to configure the AWS Cross-Account Role, which is needed for the Amazon EC2 integration.
  • getAmazonEC2ExternalIdForCrossAccountRole: This method returns the External ID required to configure the AWS Cross-Account Role.
  • disableAmazonEC2Integration: This method disables the previously configured Amazon EC2 integration.
  • Updated activateCompany and suspendCompany API methods to work recursively on all sub-companies of the target company.
  • Updated createCompany, setMonthlySubscription and getLicenseInfo API methods to support enabling or disabling the Encryption and Exchange security features for customers with monthly subscription.
  • Added new methods for the Event Push Service API to allow the management of real time sent notifications:
    • setPushEventSettings: configures which notifications should be pushed to the web service.
    • getPushEventSettings: displays which events are sent to the web service.
    • sendTestPushEvent: sends test event.
    • getPushEventStats: displays various push event statistics and errors.
    • resetPushEventStats: resets the push event statistics and errors.

Resolved Issues

Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Policy templates no longer disappear from the drop-down list in the Policy Assignment window when Backspace is pressed repeatedly to clear the field.
  • Resolved the error Undefined!, which was triggered when importing a Web Access exclusions .csv file that contained unrecognizable caracters.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing finished tasks from being deleted.


  • After creating a new account with a defined password using the createAccount API method, the account owner also received an email message with a randomly generated password. This issue is now fixed.
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