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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.3.3-2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-09-28

New Features and Improvements

Centralized Quarantine

  • As a security responsible you can now safely gather all quarantined files from your protected endpoints to a unique location in your network for deeper investigation.

Active Directory Integration

  • When integrating an AD domain with Control Center you can choose where in Network Inventory to display the AD endpoints, Custom Groups or AD tree. This change allows you to organize the AD endpoints differently than the AD OU structure.


  • Custom Tools Injection. HVI introduces a new feature to help IT/Security OPs minimize the time spent on operational activities on VMs. As an OP, you can run third party tools silently, without disturbing the end users (no interaction or permission needed), and without involving other channels, which may need TCP/IP connectivity, by leveraging Direct Inspect APIs from XenServer.
  • All operations related to injections are easily performed via GravityZone Control Center:
    1. Upload: Start from the Tools menu, where you upload the tools in ZIP archives to GravityZone VA.
    2. Configure: Before running the tool, you can configure the parameters to run with, tool output files, and log location.
    3. Inject: Run tools on-the-fly using on-demand tasks, or automatically via policies (scheduled or triggered by a violation). With this feature, now you can inject the BD remediation tool on-demand, as well. The generated events are displayed in Blocked Application and Security Audit reports.
    4. View status report: The progress of any tool injection is displayed in a specially designed report.
      important Important:
      • Tools injection requires you to enable at least one HVI protection module (User Space, Kernel Space).
  • Activities related to Supplemental Pack maintenance operations are now recorded in the User Activity log.
  • Security Server supports now multiple update locations for product update.

Resolved Issues


  • Disabling protection on an endpoint for more than eight days led to the loss of recorded events for that endpoint.

Known Issues

Active Directory Integration

  • In some situations, endpoints joined in AD appear offline in Control Center even though they are online. The issue is being investigated and it is not affecting endpoint protection.

Virtual Machines Protection

  • The license usage limit notification is not sent in some cases when the CPU licensing model for virtual environments is used.
  • The Information window does not display any issues for unlicensed VMware NSX and vShield VMs on the protected hosts.
  • VMware NSX and vShield VMs with expired license are not marked as having issues.
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