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Bitdefender GravityZone 6.1.29-547 Release Notes

Release date: 2017.03.02


1.1. Security

  • Increased the security of the GravityZone virtual appliances.
  • Improved the communication between GravityZone roles in distributed architectures.

1.2. Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Zero footprint on protected Linux machines in VMware NSX. GravityZone now ensures agentless protection for Linux systems, the Security Server present on the host handling alone the security of the guest machines. With this change, BEST installation tasks are no longer available.
  • Improved the product performance in VMware NSX environments.

1.3. API

  • New API methods. Bitdefender Control Center API now includes methods for managing user accounts, configuring notifications, deleting custom groups, folders and endpoints from Network Inventory.
  • Extended the report occurrence at the createReport method. You can now create yearly reports containing data either from the current year or the previous one.


2.1. Computers and Virtual Machines Protection

  • Resolved an issue with the inheritance of the "Fallback Update" Location policy setting.
  • Resolved an issue causing the error message "No deploy package found. Please contact the technical support when remotely deploying the agent on endpoints".
  • Resolved a vCenter synchronizing issue occurred after changing the GravityZone database password.
  • Resolved the unmanaged endpoints issue on protected hosts within VMware vShield environments.
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