08 Nov 2010

Zeus malware still the biggest threat

According to an internet security firm, the Zeus Trojan remains the most commonly used and top-selling crimeware, despite recent victories by law-enforcement over crime rings that used the malware. According Infosecurity, Zeus is still growing, thanks to its ease of use for criminals.

The Zeus family of Trojans is widely used by criminals to steal online data, such as banking information. Zeus’ latest spread is linked to a new virus called Virus.Win32.Murofet, which was first detected in early October.

“It is closely linked to Zeus. The links Murofet generate are part of the Zeus infrastructure, and bot downloaders are placed on these links.” said the internet security firm on its website. “This piece of malware demonstrates just how inventive and eager the Zeus developers are to spread their creation around the world.”

Recently, it was announced that the creator of Zeus had given the source code for the malware to the creator of SpyEye, another data-stealing malware strain. SpyEye’s creator said he planned to combine elements from both malware, while offering a discount to Zeus customers wishing to use SpyEye in the future.