29 Dec 2011

Young adults more willing to break IT rules

Businesses that employ younger people may have to be on the lookout and ramp up internet security, as a new survey by Cisco shows that seven out of 10 young employees are willing to break IT rules and will frequently ignore IT policies.

Cisco's information also states that 80 percent of young employees think their company's policies on social media and smartphones are outdated.

"How can companies make sure that young employees follow security policies? A couple of ways," Sue Marquette Poremba explains on It Business Edge. "First, make sure they know that there is a security policy and then make sure the policy is enforced. Second, consider bringing in some recent grads to help update or rewrite security policies and create a dialogue with them. If they are saying policies are outdated, it would make sense to find out why they think that."

According to the report, 22 percent cite the need to access unauthorized information to get work done, 18 percent said policies are not enforced, another 18 percent said they don't have time to think about policies and 16 percent said policies are not convenient. With these numbers in mind, businesses should be sure to have antivirus software updated and installed.