07 Jan 2014

World Poker League Hacked; 175,000 Accounts Compromised

A massive security breach compromised 175,333 account passwords belonging to the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League (WPTAPL), according to SC Magazine.

A Twitter user with the account @smitt3nz posted a link to a list revealing thousands of email addresses and plain-text passwords with the message: “175,333 unencrypted password's... #tut when will people learn?”

The league says, though, that the hack has limited potential to cause damage and that no financial information is associated with the affected accounts.

“It's pretty much worthless information,” said Kurt McPhail, president and CEO of WPTAPL. “Only 50,000 of the more than 175,000 listed email addresses and passwords are still active”.

However, some of the leaked email accounts supposedly belong to US officials, including from the White House and US courts.

The WPTAPL says impacted users will be notified and the login vulnerabilities exploited by hackers will be fixed.