26 May 2011

Windows Support scam throws in new wrinkle

Windows computer users are currently being threatened by a new scam from cyber criminals trying to gain access to personal details. According to a recent blog post by the SANS Institute, the Microsoft Support scam tells Windows users to install a malcious application claiming to fix issues on their computers.

The scammers claim to work for Microsoft Support and try to have victims install a Teamviewer application to fix the machine. The malware is then able to take control of the user’s computer, placing important files in danger of falling into the wrong hands.

"The scam is obviously still working,” wrote Mark Hofman, researcher for SANS Institute. “It seems they have figured out that users can't be trusted to click a link, but installing remote control software and getting you to install the malware for them is ok.”

Cyber criminals continue to find ways to take advantage of unsuspecting computer users. Earler this month, PCWorld reported that several Adobe phishing scams were circulating, emailing customers with updates containing software with malicious code. Adobe generally does not email customers with updates, and emails with poor grammar are another way to spot a potential scam.