01 Nov 2010

WiFi spying tool allows access to wireless connections

The Vancouver Sun recently reported an extension created by a freelance software developer has enabled web browsers to spy on unprotected wireless connections. Eric Butler, the developer, stated that he created the application to highlight security issues, which will pressure people into using end-to-end encryption on their networks.

Even with news of internet security issues becoming increasingly prevalent, many people do not employ password protection on their networks to reduce the risk of unauthorized access. This opens them up to malware attacks and other security issues that can have devastating effects on their lives.

According to security experts, the technology has always existed, but Butler's extensions have made it easier for less experienced users to exploit.

"There is nothing technically new with this," Kris Constable, director of an internet security company, told the news provider. "The only thing this has done has made it prettier and more accessible. And the media attention has made it more known."

Web security has been a major concern for both consumer and enterprise users in 2010. Among the most popular methods have been black hat SEO and scareware tactics.