07 Oct 2011

Wi-Fi users need to increase internet security, study says

Although 97 percent of WI-Fi users recently surveyed by Wakefield Research report they believe the data on their devices and network are safe, the report said they may actually need added internet security. Participants asked if they had taken several recommended steps to protect their devices on Wi-Fi network scored an average score of 66 percent.

The survey said users who have suffered the effects of a computer virus are no more likely to have better Wi-Fi behavior than those who have never had any computer viruses. About 86 percent of users have taken basic steps to protecting their security in a Wi-Fi network by enabling security protects, but according to the survey, only 59 percent of users have implemented passwords meeting basic criteria for strength and privacy.

Wakefield said a security upgrade can be as simple as activating an internet security program, creating a better password and only connecting to Wi-Fi networks that are known to be safe.

"We encourage users to put their knowledge into practice and take a few additional steps to more effectively protect themselves at home and on the go," said Kelly Davis-Felner, marketing director of the Wi-Fi Alliance.