13 Jan 2012

What to do when computers start to move extremely slow

When a computer starts to misbehave and go very slowly, it can be extremely frustrating for the user. Work is harder to get done and simple tasks can take ages. Toneo Rutsito writes on NewsDay that sometimes it may not always be the fault of a failing antivrius program.

He writes that people should check to see how many programs are running, if any are rogue, and if any are unnecessary and can be shutdown. This could be a good way to instantly get some speed into a computer that may not be affected by a virus but could still be very slow.

"These programs may be important for your use, but they don’t need to automatically start when you don’t want to use them," he said, noting that even useful programs can slow down a PC. "They should not be unnecessarily straining your machine, rather manually start them up only when you want to use them. "

On the other hand, a slow computer could be a result of malware or a virus that has made its way onto the computer. Antivirus software can help keep viruses off of computers so they will run smooth for longer.