06 Oct 2011

Website lays out the future of malware

With new data breaches popping up almost every day, CIO.com said it's only going to get worse when hackers figure out new ways of getting their hands on personal information. Everyone online should have updated internet security and antivirus programs.

Todd Feinman, CEO of DLP vendor Identity Finder, said one problem will be groups such as Anonymous, as they aren't out for money but instead looking for ways to embarrass people. Another security risk, according to writer Jeff Vance, is the Facebook Timeline that will be coming out. He quotes program chair of RSA Conferences Dr. Hugh Thompson who said people are far more exposed than they used to be.

"Password reset questions are so easy to guess now, and tools like Ancestry.com, while not created for this purpose, provide hackers with a war chest of useful information," Thompson says.

Other threats, according to Vance, include whaling, or targeting executives with fake antivirus programs, smartphone worms and the advent of e-wallets, leaving every one's bank account susceptible.

According to Computerworld, things will only get worse as more information gets dumped online by groups such as Anonymous and more strings start to get pulled. Users should be cautious and protect themselves with internet security and Antivirus programs.