22 Mar 2012

Website alerts people if their personal information is out there

Everyone who has access to the internet is in danger of experiencing a breach of their personal information, but one new website is looking to use a database to help users know if their information is out there and exposed. Knowing this in concert with use of internet security should help keep users much more safe than they would be online.

Forbes said PwnedList.com allows people to enter in their email address or user name and it will be checked against a list of 12 million compromised credentials. If it is on the list, that means that password has been published online.

“We may not catch absolutely everything, but we can catch the vast majority of credentials stolen and shared by hackers. We’ll notify a company the same day that we identify a new credential from its domain,” says Steve Thomas, the company’s chief executive, according to Forbes. “Our goal is to be our customers’ eyes and ears, and take a chunk out of their risk of data theft.”

The Federal Trade Commission said scammers can use phishing, skimming or even dumpster diving for stealing identities. People should be sure to have the best, most up to date internet security when browsing websites.