23 Nov 2011

Ways to keep hackers out of email accounts

With hackers gaining access to many Facebook users' accounts earlier this month, it follows that it is also much easier to gain access to email addresses that may be largely unprotected. Work Goes Hard said there are easy ways to increase internet security and keep hackers out of email accounts.

The website said those surfing the web should be skeptical of emails from people or companies that are unknown, install antivirus software to make sure the computer is protected from malware and viruses, and keep the browser used updated at all times to keep security threats out. Work Goes Hard also said users should create a strong formula to create passwords.

"Create strong and memorable passwords with a formula you use consistently. Don't use the same password for everything, but instead use the same formula," the website said. "Choose a base password ... and then add to it using the first and last two letters of the name of the site you're registering on."

ABC said that email hacking can be a serious offense and cause a lot of problems. The website suggests to improve internet security of an email account, users should look at their security questions and make sure none of them could be easily guessed.