02 Dec 2013

Washington Medicine Breach Reveals 90,000 Personal Records

Some 90,000 patients of the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, had their personal information stolen after a single employee opened a malicious link from an email attachment, according to E Hacking News.

“Based on the results of an internal investigation, it is believed that patient information was not sought or targeted,” according to notice posted on UW Medicine’s website. “However, the malware accessed the data files of roughly 90,000 Harborview Medical Center and University of Washington Medical Center patients.”

Data including names, phone numbers, birth dates, medical record numbers and Social Security numbers was compromised after the employee opened a malicious link from an email attachment. The University promised to notify all affected customers and “has also implemented a review, training and outreach effort as a result of this incident.”

The University Of Washington School Of Medicine operates several medical centers that provide primary care and secondary care to 1.6 million outpatient and emergency room visits each year.