02 Dec 2013

Vodafone Iceland Hack Exposes 70,000 Customers

Vodafone Iceland was hacked and the details of 70,000 customers leaked, according to Softpedia.

A Turkish hacktivist group announced via Twitter that Vodafone Iceland’s website and servers have been compromised, along with other sub-domains including the company’s mobile website.

Over 70,000 usernames, passwords, email addresses, text messages and social security numbers of Vodafone customers have been stolen and published online.

Vodafone initially claimed there was no evidence that sensitive data had been compromised. After the data went public, the company admitted that hackers indeed accessed confidential customer data, including text messages, yet no financial credentials were disclosed.

“Vodafone has no information to suggest that credit card information has leaked except in those instances where customers submit such information as text in SMS,” reads an FAQ posted on Vodafone’s official Facebook page.

The company is investigating the incident and has advised its customers to take safety measures and change their passwords, especially if the passwords are used to secure other accounts.