13 Jan 2012

Vietnam sees 10 percent rise in computer viruses for 2011

Computer viruses seem to be on the rise in Vietnam, according to one security company. Vietnam news reports that there were 64.2 million virus attacks in 2011, which is a 10 percent increase from the previous year. Users should invest in antivirus software to help keep themselves safe.

The news source said there were about 175 attacks a day and 38,961 virus strains in the country over the past year, and the W32.Salaty.PE malware was the most prominent, with 4.2 million registered attacks during 2011.

Yahoo! Messenger accounts were hacked in large amounts in Vietnam and used to try to get people on the hacked party's friend list to give money by saying they were in trouble. This is a common scam across all countries, but was done on Yahoo more in Vietnam due to popularity.

A 2011 VN Express article said residents of the country are becoming more aware of the problem with viruses, saying that 93 percent of computer users in the country said they must use antivirus software to help deal with the virus problem. This was up big time from two years previous when only 34 percent said they needed antivirus software.