19 Sep 2011

Users should check for viruses before using new computer

Before starting to use a new computer, Andrea Eldridge and Heather Neal of the Nerd Chick Adventures blog on the Record Searchlight's website said users should install antivirus software and check for viruses.

The blog said that installing the antivirus software will help protect from transferring infected files from the old computer and infecting the new computer right off the bat. After scanning through the old files, users should be able to transfer the files over to the new computer and start using it how they want to.

After everything is transferred over to the new computer, the blog said a program can be used to pull old files from the old computer and put them on the new one. The website said if possible, users should keep their old drive just in case anything was missed in the retrieval process.

According to the Indiana University's Information Technology Services website, users should enable future scans for their computer and schedule how often and what time of day they want the computer to be scanned.