13 Jun 2011

Users confused about Smartphone security

Confusion reigns when it comes to Smartphone security, a new Bullguard survey reveals.

Though 88 percent of respondents said they “don’t completely trust the internet,” more than a quarter of them (26 percent) were not sure whether it is safer to access the web via Smartphone than computer. And though only 11 percent of respondents said they thought it was safer to go online on a Smartphone than a computer, 55 percent did not know that a phone could be attacked by a virus.

Smartphones are just as susceptible to attacks as any computer, Bullguard mobile security expert Claus Villumsen said in a company press release about the survey. He pointed out that 88 percent of users said they do not keep sensitive data on their phone, but passwords and login information might be automatically stored when they access bank accounts or social networking sites.

Even popular gaming applications can pose security threats. Days after Google removed dozens of apps from its Android Marketplace due to malware, and just four days before the Bullguard survey was released, a professor at North Carolina State University discovered spyware that could trick users of the popular game Angry Birds into compromising their phones.