18 Oct 2011

Use multiple tools to 'save digital life'

If files aren't taken care of, bad things may happen. Money Talk News' website suggests that computer users use multiple internet security tools, such as antivirus software and a firewall, to help protect the things they've worked hard to create and save on their computer.

The website says to first check to see if firewalls are enabled and working, and said if there are multiple firewalls running, it could cause a problem. It also suggests that users watch out for website health, as a website infected with a virus has a good chance of harming someone who browses it.

Other useful tools for protecting users form the internet include always installing automatic updates for an operating system, antivirus software, device location for smartphones and other mobile devices and data backup, which will help recover files if they are lost.

According to the Discovery's Curiosity blog, one way someone can have more internet security is by staying private with a virtual private network, or VPN. The websites said this helps people from looking at other people's wireless networks, encrypts information and helps protect users who use wireless.