26 Mar 2012

Use caution when opening spam

Lincoln Spector, a contributing editor for PCWorld, was answering a question about whether it's safe to open up spam email. He said it can't always be 100 percent safe, but with the correct precautions, including having a great antivirus program, it should be safe.

"But spam isn't always that obvious. Sometimes, but not often, you may have to open a message to find out if it's legitimate," Spector said. "Before you do that, your antivirus program should be running and up-to-date. And your mail client - the program or web site on which you read your email - should be set to not display images, or at least not images from an unknown source."

When opening something that may be spam, he said to be very skeptical about any deal offered or any links provided. These could contain viruses or malware that will harm a computer.

Small Business Brief said email messages from people that are not known, from family and friends that were unexpected and emails with attachments should always be scanned by an internet security or antivirus program. Companies who do not scan may end up regretting it later if it contains a virus.