27 Mar 2012

Use caution at Wi-Fi hotspots

For people who frequently use Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, the local coffee shop and other places, LifeGoesStrong said to be careful, as people may be able to monitor every move and keystroke. People should use internet security software to help stay safe when on public Wi-Fi networks.

"Wi-Fi eavesdropping isn't hard, it's more common than you think, and you'd never know - until it was way too late," the website said, adding that when at home, WPA2 security should be enabled. "But if you surf the net away from home over a Wi-Fi hotspot, protect your data and your identity and subscribe to a VPN - a Virtual Private Network."

Even with a VPN network, however, there are still security breaches and flaws, so people should look to set themselves up as well as possible with tools like antivirus software to stay safe when on public wireless networks.

PCWorld said people should also know that subscription or paid-for public wireless browsing does not mean that it is secure. Computers using these public Wi-Fi networks should be as secure as possible, as this is an area where serious internet security breaches could take place.