02 Jun 2014

US, UK, Russian, Australian and German Embassies Hacked

The official websites in Uganada of the Unites States Embassy (http://washington.mofa.go.ug), the Russian Embassy (http://moscow.mofa.go.ug), the Australian Embassy (http://canberra.mofa.go.ug), the German Embassy (http://berlin.mofa.go.ug) and the Embassy of the United Kingdom (http://london.mofa.go.ug)  have been defaced by notorious Syrian hacker Dr.SHA6H, according to a PasteBin post.

The hacker left a message on all breached websites to raise awareness of fighting in Syria. He blames Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and the US Government for the country’s current politic and economic situation.

“USA now supports Bashar Al Assad, the president of the Syrian massacre,” the message reads.

Dr.SHA6H together with the self-entitled group Syrian Revolution Soldiers (SRS) are well-known for cyber-attacks on Syrian government websites since the Syrian conflict started. Some of the attacks include the Iranian Embassy in Singapore, United Nations Population Fund, Adidas Israel and several others.