08 Nov 2011

US to increase internet security budget for research

According to a report by Reuters, the Pentagon's advanced research arm will boost its internet security research in an effort to "build offensive cyber arms for possible keyboard-launched attacks against enemy targets."

"Modern warfare will demand the effective use of cyber, kinetic, and combined cyber and kinetic means," Regina Dugan, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency told a symposium in Arlington, Virginia. Reuters said that Kinetic is a parlance for the military for things such as troops and bullets.

Dugan said the military needs more options to help battle other systems controlled by vulnerable computers, according to Reuters. She said if the United States doesn't speed up efforts for cyber security, the country will not be able to effectively deal with outside threats.

A DARPA study found that cyber attackers had a big advantage when taking on even the most sophisticated internet security defenses. Dugan said this is because writing malicious software is much easier and less expensive than trying to defend against it.