26 Jan 2012

US security website and TSA attacked by hackers

Anonymous has claimed responsibility for another hack, this time against the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Transportation Security Administration. Big agencies such as this need great internet security to help keep important information as safe as possible.

"The hit on OnGuardOnline.gov appears to go beyond the usual denial of service attack," InformationAge said. "The Pastebin post claiming responsibility for attack purports to show a log of the intrusion in progress, with the hacker gaining complete access to the site's back-end MySQL database and posting links to a full copy of its copied structure."

For the TSA, Peter Boogaard, a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson, said Pacific Northwest Transportation reported a cyber attack that could have affected train service. On December 1, train service was slowed for a short while due to interference, according to a TSA summary of a meeting obtained by NextGov. TSA called the attack very serious, if just for the fact that a cyber attack showed it could affect service.

Government entities looking to defend against hackers need to implement high-level internet security to help keep the ill effects of security breaches as minor as possible.