27 Jan 2014

US Retailer Michael Stores Probes Possible Credit Card Breach

Texas-based retailer Michael Stores announced a possible credit card leak of US payment cards used across its 1,250 stores, according to security blogger Brian Krebs.

The company issued an official statement after the U.S. Secret Service confirmed it’s investigating a potential data breach involving Michael Stores.

“We are concerned there may have been a data security attack on Michaels that may have affected our customers’ payment card information and we are taking aggressive action to determine the nature and scope of the issue,” said Chuck Rubin, CEO.

“While we have not confirmed a compromise to our systems, we believe it is in the best interest of our customers to alert them to this potential issue so they can take steps to protect themselves, for example, by reviewing their payment card account statements for unauthorized charges.”

It seems most of the fraudulent purchases took place at large stores such as Target and BestBuy.

This is not the first time Michael Stores has been a target of cyber-thieves. In May 2011, point-of-sale devices at store registers across the US were manipulated to skim customer payment card data and PINs.