19 Jun 2013

US and Russia United against Cyber Threats

In a joint statement, US and Russian Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin made public their cooperation plans to secure the cyber environment, recognizing “the unprecedented progress in the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs).”

Both parties fear cyber threats are “some of the most serious national and international security challenges” in the 21st century given their political-military, criminal and terrorist nature.

“We view this cooperation as essential to safeguarding the security of our countries, and to achieving security and reliability in the use of ICTs that are essential to innovation and global interoperability.”

The two countries come up with a three-step plan to make their cooperation between more transparent. First off, they set up a mechanism to help rapidly share information between the designated homologue response teams. Then, to avoid “misperception, escalation and conflict,” they enabled direct communication between their Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers. And lastly, both the US and Russia will designate officials to maintain a direct communication link and jointly assess and handle potential security threats.

“This working group is to assess emerging threats, elaborate, propose and coordinate concrete joint measures to address such threats as well as strengthen confidence,” according to the joint statement, as issued by the White House.