28 Feb 2012

Up to 8 percent of computers in China get viruses

New antivirus software may be needed in China, as Workers' Daily, a news source in China, reports that between 4 and 8 percent of Chinese computers get viruses.

The report said every 1,000 computer files have two to seven viruses, according to a report titled 2011-2012 China Internet Security Research Report. The report was counting the viruses within the country for the first time and said viruses became much more concealed in the past year. Even so, malignant viruses decreased while harassing viruses increased, the news source said.

An October 2011 report from the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center said the Chinese virus ratio declined for the third straight year in 2010, even though viruses are continuing to spread among computers and mobile devices.

The survey by the center said 72 percent of investigated bodies have suffered from cyber security infections, including distorted websites, spam email and network theft. Another 58 percent access internet through mobile devices, 32 percent of which have experienced security violations. Chinese people and companies should invest in antivirus software to help protect their computers from this spreading problem.