20 Feb 2014

University of Maryland Suffers Data Breach; All Students, Staff Since 1998 Affected

The University of Maryland lost personal information of 309,079 students, staff and faculty members in a massive cyber-attack, according to Diamondback.

The exposed information included names, social security numbers, university ID numbers and birth dates of all who have had a university ID numbers since 1998. It seems no financial, academic or medical data was accessed.

“Someone worked around very stringent security and gained access to this data,” said Brian Voss, vice president of information technology at the university. “Whoever did this broke through multiple levels of security in order to get this file.”

University officials believe the data was accessed between 4 am and 5 am on Tuesday from an unknown location and then copied. No other data in the university’s network was affected.

So far there is no lead on who the attacker is or where the attack came from. The FBI is investigating the breach with IT experts and computer forensics in a task force.