13 Apr 2012

UK Police Arrest Two Teens for Emergency Hotline Prank

British authorities arrested two boys suspected of making hoax phone calls to a hotline set up to report terrorism activities. Police denied a connected accusation that their communication systems have been breached.

“We have researched the allegation that the Anti-Terrorist Hotline had been hacked and activists' claims that they were able to listen unrestricted to confidential communications,” said Ailsa Beaton, Director of Information for the Metropolitan Police Service. “We are confident the MPS communication systems have not been breached and remain, as they always have been, secure.”

The teenagers, ages 16 and 17, were cuffed at an address in the West Midlands. Recently, the group calling itself TeaMp0isoN posted on YouTube a recording of a phone call made to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline. A boy who identified himself as 16-year-old “Robert West” is heard making fun of the officers. They eventually tell him the FBI will be informed about the prank.