17 Dec 2010

UK firms confident about cyber security

Even though cyber criminals seem to get more creative each day, most UK businesses believe they have what it takes to fight back. In a recent survey of large businesses in the UK by an internet security firm, 94 percent of respondents said they are confident that they are protected against cyber attacks.

Businesses did acknowledge the threat cyber criminals pose. Some 82 percent of respondents said cyber criminals are innovating faster than businesses. Another 92 percent called cyber criminals “a growing menace,” while 60 percent said a successful cyber attack would negatively affect their ability to compete.

Henry Harrison, technical director of the firm that conducted the study, said companies are overconfident about their internet security. “It is surprising that the vast majority of those questioned believe themselves to be adequately equipped to deal with a direct cyber attack, as the most commonly quoted forms of IT security in the survey - firewalls and antivirus software - leave many organizations vulnerable,” he said.

Harrison said companies “need to go ‘beyond the firewall’” to guarantee data integrity.

According to another company’s study, businesses will need to watch out for more malicious attacks in the coming year. Targeted attacks are expected to rise in 2011, with cyber criminals focusing on attacking specific businesses.