27 Sep 2010

U.S. cyber security chief promotes collaboration

Speaking at the National Institute of Standards and Technology's annual IT Security Automation conference, United States cyber security coordinator Howard Schmidt said partnerships between the government and private companies are essential for internet security.

Schmidt cited this summer's White House request that private companies seek to establish an "identity ecosystem" as evidence the Obama administration seeks collaboration. In the "identity ecosystem," web users can be confident their identity and bank information won't be stolen.

"Cyber security is not a government or academic responsibility, it's a shared responsibility. We're doing more than ever with the private sector," Schmidt said.

Schmidt also said that the administration intends to place an increased emphasis on cyber security research and development. Two projects - Moving Target and Tailored Trustworthy Spaces - are already under way. One is working to secure government networks and the other aims at building online trust.

The adoption of cloud computing is another sector where the government and private companies are already working together. Executives from some of the top technology companies in the country recently met with government officials and Congress to discuss cloud security, among other topics.