08 Jun 2011

U.S. Commerce Department releases internet security report

Following last month’s White House proposal regarding internet security measures for utilities, transportation and other critical infrastructure sectors, the U.S. Department of Commerce has just released a report addressing cybersecurity issues facing other types of businesses.

In his introduction to the report, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke stresses that the proliferation of threats and attacks has made a coordinated strategy for securing the internet necessary. He cites the statistic that 67,000 new malware threats are encountered daily on the web.

A press release distributed by the Commerce Department outlines some of the paper’s highlights. These include proposals for companies nationwide to voluntarily adopt standardized security measures, such as Domain Name System Security protocol extensions.

The paper also brings up ways to incentivize change, such as lower insurance premiums for companies diligent in securing their networks.

Information sharing and strategic collaboration, both nationally and internationally, is also proposed as a critical component of shoring up computer defenses.

Sony, PBS, Epsilon, Lockheed-Martin, Nasdaq and the FBI-affiliated company InfraGard are among the many high-profile companies hacked since the beginning of the year. The Commerce Department report should therefore be of interest to businesses anxious to avoid being the next victims in this wave of computer crime.