20 Jan 2011

Twitter users are helping a worm spread through Google

A new Twitter worm is attacking consumers through Google.

The fast-moving worm, using Google’s goo.gl redirection service, pushes users to a scareware malware campaign. As of 8:45 Thursday morning, Twitter searches continued to show the worm spreading.

Once users are redirected, they are informed their computers are running malicious applications and prompts them to run a scan, which identifies alleged threats. Once a user clicks an icon to remove the threats, a fake Security Shield application launches.

“This IP address will then do the final redirection job, which leads to the actual Fake AV site,” malware researcher Nicolas Brulez explained. "Bear in mind that clicking on random links may lead to severe infection of your machine."

The amount of malware in 2010 doubled from the previous year, and saw 95,000 unique strains,
according to a report by Sophos. New malware appears every 0.9 seconds and social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, saw the amount of users receiving malware jump 57 percent from 2009.