30 Jul 2012

Twitter Spoofer Hits Back with Legal Action


The man accused of spoofing Northcliffe Chief Executive Steve Auckland on Twitter hit back with legal action against the micro-blogging platform that plans to reveal his identity, according to Guido Fawkes blog. A pro bono attorney has already agreed to represent the spoofer, who is also accused of fraud, defamation, libel and hacking computers of the media company owned by the Daily Mail.

Northcliffe has filed a lawsuit against the man that used the nickname @UnSteveDorkland, alleging he made company staff “fear for their safety." Twitter plans to comply with the court order and reveal the user's identity on Aug. 1.

“At least some of the information made public on Twitter by the defendant was not known publicly,” the court documents said. “And on information and belief, the only way that such information could be obtained was by hacking into an email account at the plaintiff's [Northcliffe] business.”

The media company also accused the man of creating “at least three particular accounts" which impersonated the CEO, and posting information “apparently obtained from surveillance” of employees.

According to the BBC, the spoofer denied “all accusations of illegal conduct set out in this document,” but also rumors of his homophobic remarks. “People can make their own judgement,” @UnSteveDorkland said, as quoted by the BBC. “I've not taken anything down. It's all in the public domain; I've not touched them at all.”