26 Nov 2012

Turkish Hackers Deface Pakistani Google, Yahoo, MSN through PKNIC Vulnerability

A Turkish cyber-crime group hacked Google in Pakistan and almost other 300 web pages such as Yahoo, MSN, HSBC, EBay, and PayPal after allegedly exploiting several vulnerabilities in the official website of PKNIC, the registrar for the administration of the Pakistani domains, according to www.ehackingnews.com.

"Apparently Google Pakistan has been defaced by a Turkish Hacker group 'Eboz',” a member of Pakistani hacker collective "TeamBlackHats" said, as quoted by the security publication. “It's still quite hard to believe that Google server has been hacked. They really need to put a lot of focus on their defenses because if one website got hacked that means every other websites can be hacked.”

The hackers have allegedly discovered several vulnerabilities such as Boolean-based and time-based blind SQL injections, cross site scripting and sensitive directory disclosure in PKNIC’s website. The Pakistani domain operator is run by a self-supporting organization.

Though companies themselves were not breached, key services such as Gmail were temporarily down. In the cyber-attack, users were redirected to a site featuring a picture of two penguins with the slogan "Pakistan Downed".