10 Aug 2011

Trojans infect many Chinese computers

The world’s most populous country faces a growing internet security problem, as about 500,000 Chinese computers were hacked in 2010, according to numbers recently released by China’s National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team.

CNCERT said 14.7 percent of cyber attacks in 2010 against Chinese computers came from the United States and 8.8 percent from India, with Trojan horse malware accounting for the majority of the exploits.

The full CNCERT report has not yet been released, and an official contacted by PCWorld did not provide any further information about the study’s methodology or details about what networks were most targeted.

China’s announcement came shortly after news broke that a group of sophisticated hackers had engaged in ongoing malware attacks against government websites, military contractors, news outlets, national Olympic committees and other high-profile targets in the United States and other countries since 2006. Computer security experts suspect China masterminded the attacks, though Chinese officials have denied involvement.

Most cyber attacks originate in Asian countries, especially Myanmar, Taiwan, China, India and Hong Kong, according to a recent Akamai report.