17 Oct 2011

Traffic ticket virus email strikes New York

According to multiple news sources, a new email warning users of a traffic ticket is a virus meant to harm computers. Antivirus software should be up and running at all times to help avoid ramifications of these viruses.

Press Connects said that Broome County New York Clerk Rich Blythe warned residents of the email, which was reported over the summer to residents. The email claims to be from the Department of Motor Vehicles and the subject line says it's about a "Uniform traffic ticket. Blythe said opening the attachment will cause the computer to crash and he suggests just deleting the email, the news source said.

New York's WDTV talked to police who said the email offers an attachment which asks users to virtually pay for a ticket, but the attachment is a virus. New York State Police told the news station the virus started hitting many areas of the East Coast during the summer.

Clarksburg Police Detective Dave Wygal told WDTV that if people receive an email "that says anything about New York unpaid citations, don't open it. Run a virus scan on it. Then you can delete it. My opinion is I'd delete it right away. Just get rid of it." The station adds those with outdated tickets should contact the DMV if they receive an email they are unsure about.