12 Sep 2012

TPB-Flavored Anon Hack Hits Cambodia; Kyrghyztan, Ukraine, Belarus and India Classifieds Thrown In

CyberGuerillaAnon, a group of Anon hacktivists, have chosen to show support for The Pirate Bay co-founder Gootfried Svartholm Warg and to protest against his extradition back to Sweden by illegally accessing and leaking sensitive data from various Cambodian agencies and offices, as reported by the Register. 

Warg received a one-year sentence in 2009 as accessory to copyright violations, but did not serve time because he fled to Cambodia, where he remained until August 30, 2012. After the Cambodian authorities decided to extradite him, he will be held in custody in Sweden until Sept. 14. Warg’s legal troubles do not seem over yet, as he has also been called in for preliminary investigations on the March 2012 hack attacks targeting the Swedish government tax office and IT consultancy Logica.

“Brother Gottfrid, we present this release of dozen government agencies and offices in Cambodia doxxed like hell,” reads the CyberGuerillaAnon statement. “You will find there lotsa stuff including Combodian and Nepal drug trafficking authorities, army, consulates Kyrghyztan and Ukraine classified documents, Belarus, India etc etc all related to Cambodian authorities and business. Also included internet banking certificate depos and clients which belong to the mentioned authorities. Stay strong brother! we will bury them! Free Gottfrid! Hands off TPB!”