11 Oct 2011

Toyko software company accused of phishing data

Smartphone users beware, as a Toyko-based software company has been accused of phishing for user information through a mobile device program without getting permission, according to IStock Analyst's website. Mobile security software may be useful for users in cases such as this.

The program, called app.tv, was used to browse cartoon videos for free, but it used information on how mobile device owners used other apps on their phones, according to the news source. Smartphones able to to download this program were all on the Android operating system, according to the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry of Japan.

"We are aware of the need to secure permission from users involved in advance, but failed to do so because of oversights," said Yohei Shiroguchi, president of the app.tv company, according to the news source. He said the app was aimed at gathering information for advertising and marketing activities of multiple businesses.

Smartphone users have had to watch what they download and what they click lately, even when they aren't on the device. Mashable said emails sent out about a fake iPhone 5 contained malware that could harm users' devices. Users should have an antivirus solution running and avoid clicking on anything that doesn't seem quite right to them.