15 Mar 2011

Top security threats for 2011 released

PCWorld recently released its list of major security threats for 2011.

With the popularity of smartphones reaching new heights, mobile applications will be a target for malware. The Android store recently was struck with malicious applications that had to be removed by Google, and the company issued a warning that 260,000 phones may have been hit with the virus.

Other threats include social network scams, fake antivirus scams and PDF documents in email. Also, state-sponsored malware attacks, such as hacktivism, are on the rise.

“Whether it's fake antivirus scams, malware on social networks or good old-fashioned email attachments loaded with viruses, it pays to be on your toes so you don't end up becoming a victim to identity theft, a raided bank account or even a home invasion,” wrote PCWorld’s Ian Paul.

The hacker group Anonymous recently promised to continue its attacks on major corporations. In an interview with MSNBC’s Michael Isikoff, Barret Brown revealed the group only attacks establishments that it perceives to be committing wrongdoings. The group has attacked the websites of MasterCard and Visa.