21 Jun 2011

Top Antivirus Protection Works Even When You’re Fooled

Our top antivirus protection is award-winning.  Regular updates ensure your computer is safe around the clock and does not experience any lapses in operation.

As mentioned, computer hackers create problems—big and small.  How would you feel about losing money from your bank account?  How would you feel if you found that you were an accomplice?  This is a reality. Some viruses approach users as a ‘warning’ to update their antivirus software, yet what’s really happening is users are opening the door to disaster!  These viruses can steal bank account information and freeze your entire computer system.

One such user remembers the horrible reality of her virus experience: 

“I was using my computer and got a prompt to purchase new, top antivirus software.  It stated my computer was under threat and I felt a sense of urgency to do something quickly.  It had the Windows logo and the Microsoft logo too, and they both looked legit.  It stated I would get an email confirmation, but might not because they get so many requests for updates.”  After some quirkiness from her computer and rising suspicion, the victim contacted her bank and found that $200 had been taken from her account.

Of course, the victim reported feeling gullible, but is what she did so out of the ordinary?  Couldn’t you make the same mistake?  Hackers are savvy; they want to prey on our insecurities and doubt as computer users.  This particular virus disguised itself as a prompt for help.  The user wanted to do all she could to guard her information and her system from attack.  Ironically, she helped the virus do just that!  There is a safe way to stay protected.  Use top antivirus software from leading suppliers.

Our top antivirus protection software stays updated and spots malicious threats like the one described above.  Best of all, there are no interruptions while you’re on the computer—just the peace of mind in knowing that your computer and vital information are guarded at all times!