17 Nov 2011

Too much information on social networking websites helps hackers

While an antivirus program is important to protect from viruses and malware, it is important for those who browse the internet and social media websites to use discretion. Ira Winkler, president and CEo of Internet Security Advisors Group, said all it takes is one person to compromise an organization on the internet, according to CRN.

"People are basically giving spies everything they need to manipulate them," Winkler said at the COMDEXvirtual Conference, according to CRN, adding that people have no idea they are letting people manipulate them. "How many people really research themselves to see how vulnerable they are?"

Winkler said at the conference that everyone is affected by social networking[,] whether or not they participate in it. He said websites such as Facebook are "treasure troves" for spies, as people reveal details about their real life online, which could end up helping a hacker get what they want.


SmartBlogs said to protect from hackers on social networking websites, users need to be aware of internet security tactics they can use aside from the obvious. The blog said users should maximize their privacy, become familiar with Google's "Me on the Web" tool to remove social network links from searches and be sure to change the websites' passwords frequently.