06 Mar 2012

Thousands could lose internet connection due to virus ring

In an effort to improve internet security and stop the DNSChanger virus, the FBI may be soon shutting down certain servers the virus is on. Computerworld reports that a federal judge ruled that the operation has been extended, so users with the DNS Changer malware will stay connected until they can scrub their machines of the virus.

"As part of the 'Operation Ghost Click' takedown and accompanying arrests of six Estonian men, the FBI seized more than 100 command-and-control servers hosted at U.S. data centers," Gregg Keizer reports on Computerworld. "To replace those servers, a federal judge approved a plan where substitute DNS servers were deployed by the Internet Systems Consortium, the non-profit group that maintains the popular BIND DNS open-source software."

Without substituting servers, these systems would be shut off from the internet. The date was initially March 8 but was changed by the Judge to July 9 to allow people to make sure their machines are clean.

Internet security is extremely important in this case, so people should make sure to scan their computers with antivirus software to make sure everything is safe.