21 Jun 2011

Think You Might Need Anti Malware Software?

Hackers have become increasingly savvy over the years, yet anti malware software aspires to always be at least one step ahead.  Malware attacks come in a variety of forms.  For example, Apple has recently had its eye on a phishing scheme.

When using a Web browser, malicious software redirects users to bogus websites that claim the computer is infected.  The site urges users to purchase anti-virus software.  Of course, what unfortunately follows for unknowing victims is the prompt to insert their credit card information to complete the purchase and ensure ongoing protection.  What unfortunate irony befalls the victims!

A software update for Mac OS X is soon to arrive and automatically locate and exterminate malicious malware.  Apple made the move days after several reports surfaced regarding attacks on Mac computers.

Why is this information pertinent to Mac users as well as all computer users?  Perhaps Apple and other leading-brand computers are not as secure as we think.  How well-protected is your computer?  How important is the need for anti malware software?

The latest attack on Macs is not airtight; a user can evade the attack by force quitting their browsers if confronted with the bogus pop ups.  But in other cases, the browser downloads and automatically launches the malware installer.  To cancel the download, a savvy user can open the download folder and delete, yet for those who are less experienced, the ordeal can be disastrous.  Rather than constantly trying to remain on the cutting-edge of rogue tactics, individuals can purchase anti malware software.

Don’t assume your computer is invincible.  Hackers and creators of malware constantly work to overcome basic computer protection.  Anti malware software is a necessity for each and every computer user.  There are different levels of protection designed to meet the demands of varying budgets.  Take a look at the anti malware products we offer and rest assured that your information and computer are protected!