15 Jun 2012

Thewikiboat Leaks Data of US Department of Defense

The US Department of Defense was hit by hackers known as Thewikiboat who leaked  data including names, emails and phone numbers of U.S. officials on Pastebin.

Hackers confirmed the data was not accessed through an SQLi vulnerability, however they did not say how they got the information. The Pastebin statement indicates this might have been an old hack that “got lost”in piles of other leaked intelligence.

“Recently today, I stumbled across a very old leak on my Computer; I cannot remember if I have already leaked this site, but I do know that this site deserves to be leaked,” said Thewikiboat. "Who is this site we are targeting? defense.gov while this is not a SQLi vulnerability we still did manage to get our hands on part of the database not all. So enjoi! #Thewikiboat. Names, Mails, Emails, & Phone numbers are attached to this leak.”

The same group claims that other international companies are targeted as part of a larger scale operation codenamed “Operation New Son”.  Companies like Apple, Bank of America and Toyota have been named and more leaks may follow soon.

Following a DDoS attack, German website gema.de was taken offline by the Thewikiboat hacker group yesterday. The German performance rights organization did not disclose any details on the attack, but the German police is investigating the incident.