22 Jul 2011

The Advantages of a Security Suite

Security suites give you a lot more than a single program. If you use your computer to engage in high risk activities and websites, a security suite is probably your best option. Risky activities can include online banking or shopping, online gaming, and the exchange of any of your personal information. Even if you are using your information on a safe website, there are ways for the unscrupulous to hack into your system. A single program can do a great deal to protect you from basic hacking and viruses, but a suite goes several steps further.

A security suite condenses all of your security software into one program, which makes running it both fast and easy-to-use. Also, there are several features included in a suite that make the upgrade worth it. With a suite you get basic protection of all your online activities, in addition to which you get parental controls, automatic filtering of spam, a 2-way firewall to protect you from hackers, backed up and encrypted files, as well as a function to permanently delete files beyond retrieval.

Basic protection only gets you so far. If your computer were a house, you would not want to lock the front door while leaving the back door and all the windows open. A security suite locks your house and ensures that all the valuables inside are nailed to the floor.