13 Nov 2012

Teenage Security Researcher Builds Proof-of-Concept Virus for Windows Phone 8

Barely has the Windows 8 operating system been introduced and 16 year-old security researcher Shantanu Gawde has already created the first proof-of-concept piece of malware for the mobile platform.

The researcher plans to demonstrate his creation at the MalCon conference in New Delhi on Nov. 24. According to the pre-brief posted on the MalCon website, Shantanu’s creation appears to be a Trojan application capable of stealing contacts, uploading pictures and stealing private data of users, gaining access to text messages, and other serious thing.

It is unknown whether the proof-of-concept piece of malware exploits a vulnerability in the Windows 8 Phone operating system or if it simply uses social engineering to trick the user into installing it. One thing is certain: Windows 8 Phone has been somewhat shielded from cyber-criminals, who focus on developing malware for the more popular Android OS.

If the installation of a mobile security software product is absolutely recommended on all Android devices, the constant interest manifested by Samsung, Nokia and HTC in developing and marketing more Windows 8 phones will likely prompt for a Windows 8 mobile security solution also.