22 Jan 2014

Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Microsoft Again, Targeting Blog

The Syrian Electronic Army has hit Microsoft for a third time this month, this time targeting a Microsoft blog, according to the BBC.

The breach comes shortly after two of the software giant had its Xbox Live Support Twitter accounts and another blog compromised by the same cyber criminals. In the latest breach, the hackers targeted the blog just after its redesign and posted a screenshot of the hacked blog on their Twitter account.

In a tweet addressed to Microsoft shortly after the latest attack, the SEA said: “Changing the [content management system] will not help if your employees are hacked and they don't know about it."

Earlier this month, the SEA hacked Skype’s Facebook and Twitter account in retaliation of Microsoft’s alleged collaboration with the US NSA. They also hacked the Xbox Live Twitter account.

Microsoft hasn’t released a statement on the latest attack. In previous hacks of Microsoft, the SEA intended to criticize the firm and release pro-Syrian government messages.